Bumper Balls For Hire Perth - Western Australia

Strap Yourself in and Have a Ball!

Bump, bounce, roll, and flip over with your friends on the all-new Bumper Balls! These giant inflatable "Bubbles" are made from TPU - just slide in, strap yourself up and start having fun. Players can run, walk, jump, flip, back roll and bounce into other participants. As your legs are outside the Bubbles, you are free to move and do what your legs want to. Just put the Bumper Ball over your head and arms through the harness.

If you are holding a Fete, Fair, Festival, Fun Day, Sporting Presentation, Promotion or Party in Perth or Regional Western Australia and are keen to give the Bumper Balls a try, please contact one of the local operators listed below. Whether it's a game of Bumper Ball Soccer, or just a last-man standing "bumpamania", there's lot's of fun for all ages with this fantastic new interactive attraction.

Detailed hourly Hire Rates will be available, which includes an outline on the service provided along with all access, area, safety and power requirements.

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DISCLAIMER: The administrator of this web page gives no warranty as to abilities of listed Bumper Ball operators, insurance of Bumper Ball operators and the accuracy of the information contained on this/or their website/facebook page. Each individual is encourage to make their own enquiries with whichever Bumper Ball operators they choose.

Bumper Balls Perth

Bumper Balls Perth

Based in Perth with operations on the Nedlands foreshore each Saturday - please check our website for details.

Bumper Balls mashes up the best of soccer, sumo suits and zorb balls to create a hilarious game that allows you to smash into your friends and colleagues in a safe and playful environment.

Website: bumperballsperth.com.au

Bubble Soccer Perth

Bubble Soccer Perth

The brand new soccer craze from Europe has now hit the western shores of Perth.

This new game style involves all players dressed in full bubble suits, which adds a far more exciting and enjoyable element to the game.

Website: www.bumperballsperth.com

Bubble Brothers Perth

Bubble Brothers Perth

Bubble Soccer is one of the most exciting sports to arrive in Australia.

The Bubble Brothers are giving you the chance to be part of the action!

Website: facebook.com/bubblebrothersperth

Bubble Sports Perth

bubble sports

Bubble Sports, your premium all-in-one fun zone! Our bubble soccer events are designed to promote fitness, team work and laughter for friends, family and workmates.

You can play Bubble Soccer at your local park, gym, oval, home or work venue (indoors and outdoors).

Website: facebook.com/BubbleSportsPerth/