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Bumper Balls

are the ultimate form of interactive entertainment for ages.

Indoorsor Outdoors!

Bumper Balls

can be used inside or outside on surfaces including polished timber, vinyl, grass and artificial turf.

AllTypes of Events!

Bumper Balls

are fabulous entertainment for a range of special events where your guests enjoy a little exercise, and heaps of fun!

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Bumper Balls For Hire

Bumper Balls are the latest interactive attraction available for hire in Australia, and without doubt, the coolest game in town! Players can have enormous fun as they roll, crash, flip, tumble, dive and bounce in complete safety and comfort. Bumper Balls are great exercise, energetic and fantastic entertainment at all types of events including Fetes, Fairs, Festivals, Sporting Presentations, and Family Fun Days.

This website is a directory of Bumper Balls for hire in Australia. If your organisation is planning a Special Event in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, or Tasmania, please click on the associate link for your state, which will direct you to a reputable operator who services your area.

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DISCLAIMER: The administrator of this web page gives no warranty as to abilities of listed Bumper Ball operators, insurance of Bumper Ball operators and the accuracy of the information contained on this/or their website/facebook page. Each individual is encourage to make their own enquiries with whichever Bumper Ball operators they choose.

The Best Fun Ever!

Bumper Balls are large inflatable Zorb style balls, with a hollow vertical core that each player slides into. Each Bumper Ball fits above the knees and over the head, which allows players to run, walk, jump, flip, roll and bounce into other participants. As player's legs are outside the Bumper Balls, they are free to move around freely. The Balls are manufactured using a durable hard wearing plastic, and come equipped with a 4 point harness. They are surprisingly resilient and have 6 intersections to add to their strength. As players only bump into other Bumper Balls, everyone has double protection.

How Do We Use Bumper Balls?

Each player slides into the centre of the Bumper Ball, with their arms through the Harness. Once strapped in, each participant's head is well below the top of the hollow tube, which ensures maximum fun without risk of accident or injury. Players can then move about the designated Bumper Area - either individually, or interacting with other players.

What types of events are Bumper Balls suited to?

Bumper Balls are great fun for ages, especially the teenagers! Bumper Balls are available in various sizes to fit different ages and body shapes. They are a must for a variety of special events including:

  • School Fetes and Fairs
  • Sporting Presentations
  • Family Fun Days
  • Community Festivals
  • Youth Groups
  • Corporate Picnics

What is the age suitability of the Bumper Balls?

Bumper Balls are usually available in two size - small & large. Small Bumper Balls suit ages 6 to 10 years; large Bumper Balls cater for ages 11 years and over to a maximum of 85 kgs.

What types of surface can we operate the Bumper Balls?

Bumper Balls are ideally suited to softer surfaces such as natural grass or synthetic turf. They can also be used indoors on a range of sporting surfaces such as polished timber floorboards, and synthetic rubber compounds used on Basketball, Volleyball and Gymnastic stadiums.

What size area is required to operate the Bumper Balls?

The area required to operate Bumper Balls depends on the number of Balls used. Two Bumper Balls can operate quite well in an area the size of an average back yard, providing there are sufficient barriers in place to prevent the Balls from being damaged on sharp objects or the players from being injured. 10-12 Bumper Balls require an area of around 18m by 18m. In tight of confined areas, we recommend an inflatable safety barrier to be in use at all times. An inflatable barrier may not be required in large open areas such as Football fields.

Operational Safety

Bumper Balls are available for hire throughout the world - Europe, UK, USA, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and NZ - basically, wherever people love to have fun! When professionally set up and supervised by a reputable amusement operator, Bumper Balls offer a unique and exhilarating experience in a completely safe environment.

Avoid dealing with "backyard companies" who offer special do-it-yourself style "dry hire" arrangements. Fully trained supervisors are essential at every event, to ensure all operational safety rules and guidelines are adhered to, and everyone has an enjoyable and thrilling experience!

Is Public Liability Insurance required?

As with any activity where the general public is involved, Public Liability Insurance cover is essential. All reputable Bumper Ball operators will be fully covered by Public Liability Insurance. Be wary of any amusement operator who offers Bumper Balls on a "Dry Hire" basis (the hirer supervises), then claims you will be covered by your own Household, Company or Sporting Organisation's Insurance Policy. You will not be covered by insurance, unless your Policy clearly includes the "operation of amusement devices including Bumper Balls, by the Policy Holder". It's simply not worth the risk, just to save a few dollars on a Bumper Ball hire fee.

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is an exciting new activity that is taking the World by storm. It involves teams of players going head-to-head in games of 5-a-side football with a twist. Each participant is strapped into a large inflatable ball that will cover them from the thighs upwards. There is no room for fancy footwork in Bubble Soccer; whether you are male or female anyone can play - footballing ability not required! Bubble Soccer is the perfect way to safely blow off some steam and take out some frustration on either your friends or work colleagues. It is highly enjoyable and will result in uncontrollable amounts of laughter, guaranteed! In teams of 5, each game will last for approximately 15 minutes in what will prove to be equally exhausting as it is exhilarating.

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